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Mortgage lenders often rely on a customer relationship management (CRM) system to manage their existing customers. But mortgage CRM systems can also help you manage new leads. Here are five lead management strategies you can use a CRM platform to create and nurture new customer relationships.

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1. Defining customer segments

Who are your most valuable customers? Creating a buyer persona can help you customize your efforts to reach your ideal market. Are you focused on first time buyers? Refinancing? commercial real estate?

Mortgage CRM systems They can help you create pre-generated content and marketing plans to reach your unique market. At the very least, you will get more exposure through social media and digital marketing channels.

2. Follow up on new leads

A CRM platform can help you keep track of new leads. For example, if a website visitor uses your chat feature or signs up for a promotional event, you can contact them later to follow up.

Mortgage CRM systems offer several ways to do this. One way is by email. Lenders can send a follow-up email, complete with explanatory content, to remind borrowers of what the process might look like.

Or you can send a follow up message. Just ask, “Do you have any additional questions?” It can keep communication channels open.

Leadership management

3. Implementation of the Borrower and Partner Portal

CRM can provide an online portal for both borrowers and community partners.

Borrowers may use the portal to track their progress through the application process. Lenders can stay in touch with automated messages to keep borrowers informed at every stage of their journey.

Likewise, community partners (such as local real estate agents) can communicate with you through the portal. They may use the portal to send new leads, such as those they meet at an open house or community event.

4. Respond to customer inquiries using the live chat feature

Lending websites see a lot of first time visitors looking for information. An integrated chat feature allows visitors to receive responses to their questions in real time.

Visitors who receive prompt feedback may be more willing to follow through and complete their loan application. But you will also gain the ability to drop these visitors into your lead pipeline and continue later.

5. Rely on previous clients for potential new clients

Some of the best leads may come from previous clients. Mortgage CRM systems can send anniversary emails to your former customers on the mortgage approval date.

This way, you will stay connected to your client base even after they have moved into their dream home. Satisfied customers may be more willing to recommend your services to friends and family who also go through the lending process.

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