How lenders can use mortgage CRM systems to grow their customer base

A CRM platform can help more than your existing customers. It can also help you find new people. Mortgage CRM systems are changing the industry forever. Here’s how to leverage these tools to generate leads and grow your customer base.

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What are mortgage CRM systems?

A CRM platform is a centralized way to engage your customer base. Mortgage CRM systems can be used for communication and marketing, but they can also handle advanced tasks such as:

  • Digital loan applications
  • Electronic signatures
  • Interactive chatbots
  • Internet portals
  • Customized video content

These features help you stay connected to your customer base. They can also help you collaborate with your team members. Best of all, these features help you develop a master pipeline so you can grow your lending practice.

How to use mortgage CRM systems to grow your business

How do you use a CRM platform for lead generation? Here are some of the ways lenders are using mortgage CRM systems to transform their business.

Develop a web presence

A professional site gives the lending practice greater legitimacy. It can also provide a central location for customers to access things like:

  • Application forms
  • unexpected events
  • Customer portals

A CRM platform can help you develop a clean, modern website that’s easy to use on every device. The best CRM platforms offer pre-made templates to help you get started faster.

In addition, you will gain traction by implementing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. With the right keywords and phrases, your website will rank among the top results of search engines today. Thus, you will get greater visibility among those who are looking for lending services.

And if you integrate Google Analytics into your website, you will gain insight into your online performance. Do you convert clicks into customers? If not, your data can help you figure out what to improve.

Respond to inquiries with the chat feature

44% of online shoppers appreciated having a live person answer their questions. Mortgage CRM systems allow you to integrate the chat feature into your web page.

The chat feature may be particularly useful for first-time buyers who are not familiar with the lending process. Answering questions in real time can increase your chances of being selected for a lender. Then, you can leave the customer in your mortgage pipeline to continue later.

Connect the chat feature to your phone, and you and your team can respond to customer inquiries from anywhere. Even the latest CRM systems offer AI-powered chatbots for greater responsiveness.

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Build your brand with pre-built marketing content

What is your current marketing strategy? Small lending practices don’t always have the resources to run massive campaigns.

Mortgage CRM systems can help. The best CRM platforms offer pre-built marketing content, including:

  • Monthly newsletters
  • Real estate market updates
  • Customizable video content
  • Personal electronic cards
  • social media content
  • Email marketing templates

With more in your toolbox, you’ll be better equipped to reach your target market. Plus, these pre-made resources save you time, helping you focus on executing your plan.

Target customer segments

Not all leads are created equal. Quality leads are those who are likely to follow through with a mortgage application.

Mortgage CRM systems allow you to create unique customer segments. Lenders can then adjust their marketing approach to each segment.

For example, pictograms can be something of a roadmap to understanding the lending process. Borrowers (and potential borrowers) can use these graphics to learn more about what to expect. Lenders may also tailor their email marketing by including promotions or follow-ups to further engage potential customers.

Automate your email marketing

Mortgage CRM provides a centralized email marketing platform. With this tool, you can standardize your email marketing efforts, saving time and boosting efficiency.

Keeping emails organized in a central location will prevent you from missing any customer inquiries. You will be able to keep records of all your contacts, and your employees will also get visibility into past communications.

Automatic features enable you to send emails automatically. This can be great for email marketing campaigns. It also ensures that you maintain open lines of communication with new mortgage clients.

Mortgage CRM systems can also provide analytics to help you improve your performance. What types of emails see the greatest results? CRM can optimize your communications for maximum performance.

Follow up with text messages

Email is not the only way to follow up with potential clients. You can use a CRM system for texting as well.

So if a website visitor asks a question or signs up for an introductory offer, you can send an SMS to continue. Sometimes they simply ask: “Do you have any additional questions?” It can be enough to keep a relationship moving forward.

Alternatively, a text message may provide more information. Follow up on refinancing requests with letters explaining the process in more detail – this may lead to compliance.

Create a resource library

As a lender you possess a wealth of knowledge. Why not share it with the world?

Content marketing is the art of creating materials that educate and engage potential customers. For example, you might create a blog post or video showing loan options for first-time homebuyers. Customers looking for answers can learn from your content, and they can follow up by asking for more information.

Mortgage CRM systems can help you curate and curate this content. They can also help you create materials like illustrations and videos to engage your audience. If you create only one piece of content each week, then in just one year you will be able to develop a resource library of 50 pieces of original content.

Provide a customer portal

Borrowers will be drawn to lenders who use the right technology. A mortgage CRM system can provide an online portal to keep in touch with your customers.

The customer portal makes communication a breeze. You and your customers can stay connected in the following ways:

  • Borrowers can submit documents through the portal
  • Borrowers can upload signatures from their phones or devices
  • Lenders can send important documents to customers
  • Lenders can provide updates on the borrower’s progress

And yes, the customer portal is available as an app. Borrowers get access to their loan application status from anywhere in the world. This feature also eliminates the need to schedule an appointment to sign important documents.

How does the portal secure new potential customers? Offering this level of convenience gives your lending practice a competitive edge. Mortgage clients may be more likely to stick to your services when you offer this level of support.

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Connect with community partners for more leads

The internet portal is not just for borrowers. You can also connect with other professionals in the community.

For example, you might connect with local real estate agents who meet new homebuyers at an open house or networking event. If they think your services would be a good fit, they can drop a new lead into your mortgage pipeline. You can review this new contact and continue later.

You will also get the ability to track leads submitted by each partner. Doing so gives you a greater understanding of how each part of your business is performing.

Post testimonials and reviews

Mortgage CRM systems enable you to collect and manage customer feedback. Custom surveys, for example, can prompt your past and current clients to review your services.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn what works well and tweak what doesn’t. But most importantly, customer testimonials make great marketing content. You can post positive reviews on your website or social media channels.

After all, potential customers may be more convincing with real-world feedback than with other promotional materials. Soliciting reviews can build your reputation, and a good reputation can go a long way in the eyes of new customers.

Use your extra time to expand

Don’t overlook the biggest benefit of a CRM platform. With so many automatic and collaborative features, you’ll be more efficient than you ever dreamed possible.

In other words, you will have more time on your hands. How you invest that time is literally your business. Mortgage CRM systems allow you to get more done. This means that you can serve more customers without exhausting yourself or your staff.

Technology can help you grow your business by increasing the volume of your customers. You can even invest your time in offering a wide range of mortgage products or moving into new markets, such as commercial real estate.

Take the next step

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