Summary of the latest faculty research news – Santa Clara Law –

a. Colin Shin books Honestly- oh last About launching the Innovative Diversity Pilots initiative.

a. Colin Shin‘s Paper Prisons Initiative Launch a “Diary” that shares the stories of people affected by their criminal records.

a. Taylor Dalton Participated in Richmond Law Junior College Forum.

a. Eric Goldman publish an article,”The US Approach to Regulating the “Platform”. “

Santa Clara Journal Profile of the prof. Eric GoldmanInternet Law works in an article titled “Another true believer online. ”

a. Sue Juan Featured in the CNBC documentary, “The Making of Mimi King. “

a. Sue Juanarticle , “The rise of Finfluencer“in Patrick Boyle YouTube video and the Oxford Business Law Blog.

a. Sue Juan‘sPlagiarism and its systemPaper in Regulatory Review What we’re reading this week feature.

dean Michael Kaufman He spoke on “Reconciling Freedom of Expression with Trauma-Informed and Relationship-Building Practices” at 2023 Widener Law Commonwealth Law Review Symposium.

Professors. Brian Love And Christian Helmers publish an article,”Patent Reservations and Licensing Restrictions: Evidence from Standard Essential Patent Litigation.

a. Michelle Opperman Co-authored an article, “Duty of physicians to provide abortion information. “

a. Catherine Sandovatocurrently on vacation, She discussed her work as president AALS Division of Communications, Media and Information Law.

a. David Sloss publish an article,”Reframe the new ALI and Doctrine of Non-Self-Enforceable Treaties. “

a. David Sloss publish an article,”Guns, abortion and courts. ”

a. David Sloss participate in Friend Brief Clarify when malware attacks should be classified as “warlike”.

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