Summary of the latest faculty research news – Santa Clara Law –

Professors. Patricia Cain And Jan Love Contribute a chapter on tax law to a book, The Jurisprudential Legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

a. Colin Shin publish a report,”The financial impact of lost licenses in Texas.

a. Colin Shin And it comes out 3 liters Alyssa Aguilar an act interview About the paper prisons project.

a. Eric Goldman publish an article,”US Approach to Regulating “The Platform”.

a. Sue Juan publish an article,”The rise of Finfluencer.

a. Caitlin Robinet Jacimovitch Publication of a chapter entitledA comprehensive look at counseling as a lawyer, an (American) view.” as part of this book.

a. Bradley Gundev publish an article,”State taxes and “pike balance”. “

a. Lisa Cloppenberg an act interview Biography of Justice Dorothy Nelson.

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