Summary of the latest faculty research news – Santa Clara Law –

a. Colin Shin published a paper,”Distinguishing and anticipating drug patents. “

a. Eric Goldman Ranked #28 on SSRN’s list of “The 50 Most Downloaded American Law Professors of 2022. “

Professors. Brian J. luv And Christian Helmers publish an article,”Are market prices for patent licenses monitorable? Evidence of 4G and 5G license,” which collected and analyzed publicly available data on 4G/5G SEP licenses.

a. Michelle Opperman She has been cited by two different courts: one for her work on “Mothers Who Kill” from Ohio Supreme Courtand the other on her work “Turning Girls into Women” in United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas.

a. Michelle Opperman She gave an overview of her research on “baby boxes” and the laws governing the delivery of “safe haven” infants for Chicago Tribune.

a. Cathy Sandoval publish an article,”Fight Utility Wildfire with Knowledge Management. “

a. Cathy Sandoval Joined Chemical Safety Board As a board member.

a. David Slossalong with a 3L student, Swathi RajanAnd preview Oral Arguments for the Supreme Court in Gonzalez v. Google and Twitter v. Taamneh.

a. David Sloss Talk about it Tyrants on Twitter book aboutInside the war roomPodcast.

a. Stephen Smitharticle , “Online criminal trial as a public trial“before Iowa Supreme Court.

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