Summary of the latest faculty research news – Santa Clara Law –

a. Colin Shinarticle , “Estimated loss of earnings associated with criminal record and suspended driver’s licensein print.

a. Eric Goldman publish an article,”Zoder and binding editorial transparency. “

a. Eric Goldman his preview Next book project At the IEEE Global Humane Technology Conference (GHTC).

a. Sue Juan Co-authored an article, “Manipulating the Castle: Strategies to profit at the expense of market makers from retail traders. “

Professors. Brian J. luv And Christian Helmers Co-authored a paper,”The Impact of Securing Patent Litigation: Theory and Evidence from NPEs. “

a. Brian J. luv I signed a statement entitled “Maintain a system of royalty-free standards. “

a. Tyler Ochoa publish an article,”Reconciling the “Restoration” of Copyright for Pre-1972 Foreign Audio Recordings with the Classics Protection and Access Act. ”

Professors. Michelle Opperman And W. David Poole publish an article,”The case against commercial books. “

a. David Sloss published his article, “The Russo-Ukrainian War and the Seeds of a New Liberal Multilateral Order. ”

a. Stephen Smith publish an article,”The rule and the constitution: the exclusion of witnesses and the right to a public trial. “

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