Summary of the latest faculty research news – Santa Clara Law –

Janelle Barbiera Santa Clara 3L student and Tech Edge JD candidate, posted an article “Federal Circuit Declines Finding Indefinite Patent Claims for Broad Descriptive Words (And Story for 1L Civil Proceedings). “

a. Colin Shin Receive Santa Clara University Recent Achievement Award in Scholarship.

a. Colin Shin published her articleRedefining progress and the state of diversity in innovation,” which documents systemic gaps in co-innovation and makes the empirical and legal case for narrowing them as a priority for the patent system. This study It was discussed in LAW360.

a. Eric Goldman His posts from 2022 are summarized on his site Technology and Marketing Law Blog.

Professors. Laura Norris And Eric Goldman They listed the successes of Santa Clara’s Tech Edge program in their article, “How Santa Clara Law’s “Tech Edge JD” Program Improves Return to Enrollment, Diversity, and Employment Outcomes. ”

a. Theadora A. Bina Explain in a blog post how she wrote it,”Essential Lawyer Skills: A Companion Guide to Neil W. Hamilton’s Roadmap (ELS).AndIt helps students to form their professional identity.

a. David Sloss Post a blog post,”Is the rule of treaty supremacy really dead?

a. David Sloss published his article, “The Russo-Ukrainian War and the Seeds of a New Liberal Multilateral Order. ”

a. David Sloss published his article, “The growing power of discourse in China and the return of authoritarianism. ”

a. David Sloss Discuss global misinformation during a zoom panel with Cambridge Forum.

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